Care for Your Amona Jewellery

Care for Your Amona Jewellery

All your Amona Jewellery pieces are so unique and need your love and care to keep them looking fabulous and shiny. They are crafted in a traditional way with sterling silver therefore are very delicate and need proper care. This guide gives you all the steps on how to take care of your Amona jewels like earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets.

Cleaning Your Amona Jewellery

  • First, wash and dry your hands. You do not want to transfer any dirt or oils onto your jewelry.
  • Use a soft, lint-free cloth (like the microfiber cloth that we send with every purchase) to gently wipe every part of your jewellery.
  • If you are cleaning necklaces, save the chain for last - it is usually the dirtiest part.
  • For earrings, hold them by the post (that is the part that goes through your ear) when you clean them.
  • If you can, try to clean your jewellery after each wear to keep it looking fresh and free of daily dirt.

    General Tips to Keep Your Amona Jewellery Looking Its Best:

    Keep your jewellery in its original box when you are not wearing it to avoid scratches. This also keeps it away from sunlight and heat, which could fade the colour.

    Before washing your hands, swimming, or using stuff like perfume, hairspray, soaps, and lotions, take off your jewellery. These products can mess with the metal, make the plating wear off sooner, and can even tarnish, change the colour or make your jewels less shiny.

    When you are getting dressed, put on your jewellery last and take it off first when you are changing. Each gem on your Amona Jewellery is individually set, so they are delicate and can be damaged if you pull them. Remove your jewelry before engaging in sports, heavy work, or household activities.

    General Things to Avoid

    When purchasing jewels with gemstones keep the different stones in a different box to avoid any scratches on the gemstones. You can follow also the guide for our precious gemstones, opal and pearls and mother of pearl.

    • Avoid putting your jewels in direct sunlight.
    • Avoid putting any products like perfume,  hairspray, soaps, and lotions on your jewellery.
    • Try to avoid your jewels coming into contact with water and other liquids - especially acidic ones.
    • Try to keep your jewels away from hard surfaces. They can scratch the stones and the plating.

    Deep Cleaning Your Jewellery

    Every once in a while, your jewels might need a bit more deep cleaning to get rid of stubborn dirt or stains. But do not do this too often to protect the plating. Here is how you deep clean your jewellery:

    • Fill a clean bowl with warm (not hot!) water and add a few drops of gentle, pH-neutral dish soap.
    • Wash your jewellery in the water for up to two minutes, using your hands or a super-soft brush. But be gentle! You don't want to scratch or damage your jewels.
    • Rinse with clean water, making sure you get rid of all the soap.
    • Dry your jewellery well with a soft, lint-free cloth, or leave it on a clean cloth until you're sure it's totally dry.

    With these simple tips, your sterling silver jewellery can continue to sparkle for years to come. Remember, jewellery is not just an accessory it is an investment and a statement about who you are. By giving your jewellery the care it deserves, you are not just preserving a piece of adornment, but a piece of yourself.

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